“Adapt For Life” JKD Seminar for charity featuring Paul Vunak, Friday June 27th @ 630pm

Scientific Fighting is not about tradition, belts or ceremonies.  It's not about Karate,

Kung- fu, Taekwon-Do or any individual style.  It's not about sports or tournaments,

and it is certainly not about rules.  It's about the truth.   We are a no nonsense

organization dedicated to teaching realistic self defense.

Bruce Lee’s JKD Seminar &

Demo featuring Sifu Paul Vunak

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We want to provide you with a world class formula to survive

any random act of violence.  Whether it is a streetfight, an

abduction, car- jacking, mugging, rape - or any other form of

violence you or your loved ones may face on a daily basis.

Whether you are walking down the street or turning into a

dark alley, going to work or on vacation, whether you are the

victim of an attempted rape or the target of a drunk at the end

of a bar, the potential for danger is ever present in today's



Let us give you a fighting

chance in your darkest hour.

Courses designed for today’s

busy and active women.

Security and Law Enforcement

Defensive restraint and threat

termination tactics designed

for officers, security

professionals, and bouncers.


Because in a streetfight or any other random act of violence

there are no rules, only deadly consequences.  You have to be

prepared to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to get

the job done.We teach no holds barred straight from the hip

tactics and strategy of the physical and emotional knowledge

necessary to help you escape with your life - and freedom -

intact. We teach everything from employing Rapid Assault

Tactics(R.A.T) to acquiring the Killer Instinct; from mastering

Kina Mutai(the art of bite and gouge) to surviving a mass



Learn century old training

methods to developer superior

mental focus, power, and



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Sifu Paul Vunak on the cover of

Black Belt Magazine, April 2008.


If you want to understand the truth in martial arts, to see

any fight clearly, you must throw away the notion of

styles or schools, prejudices, likes and dislikes, and so

forth.  Then, your mind will cease all conflict and come to

rest.  In this silence, you will see totally and freshly.


- Si Gung Bruce Lee

“Adapt 4 Life” Bruce Lee’s JKD Seminar: Friday, June 27 2008 @ 6:30pm

- Learn Jeet Kune Do Concepts and Military Battle Tactics

- Location: PFS Jeet Kune Do & CAMA, 1555 Parkmoor Ave.,

San Jose, CA 94128

- All Pre-Registered Shark City Competitors receive Free Entry!

- Seminar open to All Styles and Levels!

- The “Adapt 4 Life” program was created by Sifu Paul Vunak to

reach physically handicapped and challenged children through

martial arts.

- 100% of proceeds donated to Recreation USA & Adapt 4 Life

- $40 Registration at the door to make a difference. Doors open @ 5:30pm

- Recreation USA & CAMA are non-profit organizations which continue to provide

programs like “Adapt 4 Life” through your monetary and charitable donations.

- JKD Demo during Black Belt Finals: Saturday June 28 2008 @ 7:30pm

I owe everything to Sifu

Paul Vunak. I will always

consider it an honor to

count myself among his


- Harinder Singh Sabharwal